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30 Hour IV Certification Course plus 4 hour Central Line Course
#20-668608.     30 CE's.        $195.00

IV Certification Course:

The class encompasses anatomy review, protecting yourself from harm, IV insertion techniques, complications, central line care and maintenance, TPN products, Blood products, Chemotherapy and math calculations for IV drips and medications.  It's a very complete course, but taught in such a way that the student feels comfortable.

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Phlebotomy Certificate Course

 #20-690906.   16 CE's   $150.00

The 16 hour Phlebotomy Certificate portion focuses on:

Phlebotomy role in healthcare, Anatomy and Physiology of the circulatory system, safety precautions, OSHA’s needle stick injury precautions, Infection Control, various phlebotomy equipment, phlebotomy techniques, specimen identification and handling, venipuncture in pediatrics, finger stick puncture.

This is a one day certificate course, and after successful completion, students can be employed in the state of Florida working as a phlebotomist.  This is NOT a certification course. 

Vasculature of the Heart

Basic EKG Certificate Course
#20-690910  12 CE's      $100.00

*This course is highly recommended for people who are taking ACLS for the first time, or persons having EKG anxiety.  Both your knowledge and your confidence will be increased with this course.*

Our instructors will provide a stress free interactive class utilizing  PowerPoint presentations to give you the skills to interpret basic dysrhythmias.  We will also review the electrical conduction of the heart as well as its anatomy and physiology.

Intended Audience: ACLS Initial Providers, Nursing, Respiratory, Allied health professionals, Students in Health Occupations, Those with EKG anxiety.

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About Us.....

We always look forward to providing for YOUR educational needs

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Welcome to Avalon Medical Educator’s and thank you for your interest in our organizations medical educational courses. It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality courses with the most up to date technology. Avalon Medical Educator’s strives to meet the needs of each facility as well as each individual making training convenient and affordable!
Avalon Medical offers immediate registration, flexible course schedules, email reminders of certification due dates, and reminders of CEU requirement changes.

At Avalon Medical Educators, we offer cutting edge technology to present the continuing education that you need...and we do it in a fun manner that makes class not only educational, but also fun day.

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We provide professional training at a competitive rate. Training is conducted throughout the United States, bringing the training classroom to the costumers, making training convenient and economical for all.
In addition to serving healthcare professionals, we are committed to providing training to small businesses and all people interested in life saving techniques. Classes to be offered in the future will include CPR/AED, OSHA and many more.
Mission Statement: Avalon Medical Educator’s exists to provide quality medical education not only to healthcare professionals, but also to the community as a whole. We seek to create a stress free environment to make learning fun and enjoyable. We live by the motto that “learning has never been so fun”.

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Online Continuing Education Courses

Coming soon:

Human Trafficking 20-663441 2 CE's

Trauma & Burnout in Health Care 20-663417 2 CE's

Domestic Violence 20-729746 6 CE's

Medical Errors 20-661229 2 CE's

HIV/AIDS update 20-663439  4 CE's

Laws & Rules of the Florida Board 20-663437  3CE's

Standard Precautions 20-663435. 2 CE's

Legal and Ethical Standards 20-6634312 CE's

Life and Wellness Coaching 20-663439 24 CE's

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"The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice

Brian Herbert

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Visitors are always welcome! If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.

(407) 437-3371

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